Since you can't have a professional photographer with you at all times (unless you're married to one!), wouldn't it be great to get frame worthy photos on your own? I offer private and group lessons and my lessons are designed for all levels, whether you're a beginner or someone looking for a refresher course. Learn how to use your personal camera and capture photos that you'll be proud to show off!     

What can I expect to learn during my lesson(s)?

Exposure Triangle - ISO, Shutter Speed & Aperture, Composition, Lighting, Lens Overview, Adobe Photoshop (for those interested in post processing)

Can I purchase more than one lesson?

Yes! In fact this is encouraged as it enables me to help you progress with your camera and your understanding of how it works. Purchasing more than one lesson will reduce your cost as well!

Are there group rates?

Absolutely! Photography is a great social hobby! Whether you have a group of Moms, best friends or family, sign up together and I will apply a discount for your group!

Where are lessons held?

Lessons can be held in your home, in a mutually agreed upon location, and/or in field - yes, we will go out, weather pending and put your new skills to use!

I'd like to give a lesson(s) as a gift. Do you offer gift certificates?

Absolutely!  What a great gift to give someone with a new camera! Gift certificates can be used specifically for lessons or used for photo sessions, prints and packages.

How do I set up a lesson?

To schedule your lesson(s), you can fill out the contact form on my site, email or call 207-712-2734.